The Recipes

By the end of the 19th century waves of Italian immigrants started settling in Argentina, as they did in the US . Many brought with them the traditional art of gelato making, and opened scores of gelaterias in the main cities as well as in small inland towns. These small ice cream shops produced their own "helado" (gelato in Spanish) by hand, using traditional recipes handed down from father to son. During more than one hundred years the Italian recipes were adapted to use the rich farm produce of the pampas, and over the years new flavors were added and became popular, such as the now world famous "dulce de leche" (literally milk jam) made with a traditional Argentine dessert.

Today, artisan "helado" making, together with barbecued beef, has become part of traditional Argentine gourmet food. Tourists from all over the world, as well as many Americans, have returned home from Argentina delighted after tasting Argentine "helado" (gelato).

Buenos Aires Gelato now brings to the specialty food market of the Bay Area the traditional Argentine kno
w how in Gelato making.

Our Ingredients
Our Gelato is made using only all natural ingredients of highest quality, with no artificial flavors, colorings or preservatives. Our Sorbets are manufactured with only top grade fruit and cane sugar.
The Manufacturing Process
Our Gelato is made slowly and carefully, hand crafted in small batches but using state of the art technology.
Our Product
The result is an ice cream with a soft silky texture of exquisite smoothness. The traditional recipes with their delicate balance of ingredients and the slow beating that imitates the old hand made process combine to produce a creamy dessert that nevertheless has much lower fat content ( less than 12%) than market super premium ice cream. The carefully selected top quality natural ingredients provide a unique blend of intense flavors